Ph.D in Oriental Medicine, Licensed Acupuncturist,
21 Years Experience

* Licensed Acupuncturist in New York & California
* Master of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine,from Dong Guk Royal University of Oriental Medicine
* Ph.D. in Oriental Medicine from American Liberty University

*Board-certified practitioner of Chinese herbal medicine by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM),
*21 years Experience.
* For extra 10 years, she has profoundly studied 4 different types of Acupuncture in addition to the typical Acupuncture taught in Acupuncture school and had been trained under the 4 greatest masters.



1. Sa Am 5 element Acupuncture; studied & trained by Master Wol O Kim KyongJo, for 1 & 1/2 years
2.Traditional Body Acupuncture & Herbology; studied & trained by Master Choi Sun Gil, for 3 years
3. Chinese Tung's family Acupuncture; studied & trained by Master Kim Dong Sik, for 2 years
4. Koryo Hand Acupuncture; studied & trained by Master Yoo Tae Woo, for 4 years

* Translated the Korean version of "Koryo Hand Therapy” into English (700 pages)
* Taught Koryo Hand Acupuncture to many Acupuncturist & MDs in Acupuncture schools for many years.

Each type of acupuncture has unique characteristics. Dr. Chung selects the most appropriate type according to each patient's need. However, she uses Sa Am Five Element acupuncture more frequently than all others. Sa am Five Element acupuncture was developed by an enlightened Buddhist monk doctor, Master Sa Am during the 16th century in Korea. This is the most profound and powerful acupuncture, and its effectiveness transcends the limits of conventional types of acupuncture in most cases.
Its essential contents have not been introduced to the West yet. Dr. Chung became convinced of its superiority after performing extensive comparative research with various types of acupuncture.
The reason why Five element acupuncture is superior is that it is the very one which applies the fundamental principle of Oriental medicine, that the root, the internal organs, must be treated for all problems.As human beings, we are perceived as a total integral organisms. In the body, the internal organs such as heart, kidney, and etc., are considered to be the center or source, much like a generator, where energy is produced. The produced energy flows through the meridians, pathways, and to all parts of the body. It functions like an integral network. For example, the internal organs can be compared to the root of a tree, while the rest of body parts are interrelated like the branches, leaves, and flowers in this network. If the flowers and leaves are withering, it is fundamental to treat not the flowers and the leaves, but the root. The Five elemental acupuncture focuses on the the root, the internal organs, which is distinguished from the common acupuncture that focuses on the symptoms.

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In common acupuncture, the points where the symptoms appear are stressed the most, and the points in relation to the source, internal organ, may be sometimes used with the lack of the systematic principle of application. However, in Five element acupuncture, only the source of all problems, internal organs, are treated based on the systematic principles of Yin & Yang and Five elements. Yin & Yang is the energy of polarity and Five elements is the five phases of cosmic energy movement.
These are considered the basic principles of Oriental medicine. Since this Five element acupuncture shoots at the center of the target, that is, the root, the branches, or in other words, the symptoms will disappear fundamentally and effectively.

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Acupuncture along with Herbal medicine have been studied & practiced for about 2700 years in Far East. Throughout these long periods of history, studies and research have resulted in various types of Acupuncture. The effectiveness of each acupuncture has been proven in clinical practice throughout history. Each type of Acupuncture represents a unique understanding and interpretation of Oriental Medicine, even though the basic foundation is the same. Dr. Chung’s long study and training enables her to synthesize all elements and to draw the essence from an abundance of study. Her precise approach and masterful technique enable her to select the optimal treatment method for each patient effectively. In result, she has been able to treat many patients with serious chronic disorders who have not been helped by western medicine. Especially, she has treated degenerative knee arthritis and serious spinal disorders such as herniated disc and stenosis with a high rate of success, thereby helping patients avoid the need for knee replacement surgery and spinal surgery. She is proud of treating various eye disorders, including glaucoma, optic neuropathy, eye twitching and others with high success rate. She is also an expert in treating stroke successfully.

In addition, she has treated various following conditions with high success rate:

The detailed informations for each disorder and the additional cases are explained in the section labeled as "Expertise".
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An 80 year old stroke patient who was paralyzed on the right arm , hand and leg shows a remarkable improvement with acupuncture treatments performed by Dr. Chung.
Five Element acupuncture was used.

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From The Korea Times ;
* December 3, 2012


"Consecutive recovery cases of chronic disorders such as arthritis, stroke with acupuncture treatment by Dr. Chung"